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simple movements - big impact

Invigorating Stretch

90 seconds

This energizing sequence is designed to jumpstart your body and brain for the rest of your workday - leaving you refreshed and ready to go. 

Activating Leg Stretch

2 minutes

This simple yet powerful leg stretch will lengthen the muscles on the back of your legs, directly impacting the muscles of your low back. Your feet, legs and low back will feel the love in just 2 minutes!

Neck Strengthening

2 minutes

Phone posture, or looking down at a computer, puts a lot of stress on the neck and upper back. These simple exercises help restore healthy posture in the cervical (neck) spine and prevent pain, headaches, and even vertigo.

Shoulder Strengthening

90 seconds

Shoulder strengtheners are all about keeping the upper-back healthy as they open and energize the chest. These exercises engage your postural muscles and even help restore natural blood-flow throughout the torso - which means more oxygen for the body and a boost for the brain.

Low Back Release

90 seconds

This short stretching sequence is designed to release the low back, create space for the hips, and activate the legs, leaving your back feeling much happier in less than 2 minutes.

Nerve Stretching

2 minutes

Like muscles, long bouts of sitting at your computer can cause nerve tightness and irritation. By adding simple nerve stretches to your day, you'll reduce your risk of joint pain, muscle fatigue, and even prevent chronic pain, such as carpal tunnel, from developing. These simple nerve stretches will help restore healthy neural glide and slide within your arms. 

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