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support your posture at work

Stand with your arms reaching overhead. 

Wrap your right hand around your left wrist and lift and reach over to the right for a side stretch. 

Try keeping your shoulders down away from your ears then repeat with shoulders lifted for a more targeted ribcage stretch. 

Repeat on the other side.


This engages and loosens postural muscles of the upper body, which are neglected at the desk.

Sit tall at the edge of your chair with your feet on the floor directly under your knees. 

Bring your arms to cross your chest. 

Keeping your torso straight like a board, hinge forward over your knees then return upright.

Repeat 10 times. 


This strengthens the low back muscles, which fatigue throughout the day. 

Sit comfortably with your low back pressed up to the back of your chair for lumbar support.

Place your hands on your ribcage. 

Start to take slow, deep inhales and exhales emphasizing the expansion of your ribs into your hands. 

Practice for 1 minute. 


This feeds oxygen to the brain and helps to focus the mind.

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